Bravo!  Good to plant the seed of conservation. Nancy
On Jul 26, 2008, at 9:58 AM, Barbara Grunden wrote:

> Dear Jossies Who Attended the 2008 Annual Meeting:
> The Spaulding/Grunden/McReel carpool found a metallic pin of a  
> columbine in
> our vehicle which does not belong to any of us.  We presume it  
> somehow got
> into the vehicle at Edmunston as we are pretty positive it was not  
> present
> when we packed before leaving southern Maine.
> Please contact Barbara Grunden and she will mail it to its rightful  
> owner.
> As we drove home, our carpool was discussing how wonderful it was  
> that we
> were carpooling and helping conserve a diminished resource.  It is  
> sad that
> the high price of gas forced us to consider this option.  We  
> reflected how
> much gas we saved (and consequently reduced pollutants), how much  
> easier it
> was to park on campus with fewer vehicles, and the stipulation that  
> extra
> cars were not allowed at some sites, resulted in more Jossies  
> riding the bus
> to our field sites.  Bravo to the Jossies for their conservation  
> efforts.
> Let's continue to do better.
> Barbara Grunden