Dear Ginny - yes, the JBS website is available to members only. The reason for this is that JBS does not want to give wide notice of its meetings and encourage a large attendance, especially at the summer meetings, that would overwhelm the
facilities (usually a dormitory) and threaten to trample and badly damage important plants at sites we visit.  

At the same time, JBS is very interested in new members who are interested in the flora of Maine. Our members range from highly trained and accomplished botanists to beginners, and we like this mix. Enthusiasm is much more important than knowledge,
and the primary JBS mission - expanding our knowledge of the Maine flora - includes stimulating interest and helping people learn about Maine plants.

People who attend our meetings also range widely in physical condition, from young and agile to very old and tentative. Our field trips are designed so that there is something botanical for all to see.

If you are interested in becoming a JBS member or if you have any questions about JBS, please let me know.
Chris Campbell,
JBS president

- JBS-L - Josselyn Botanical Society discussion list of the              University of Maine <[log in to unmask]> writes:
>For any others who, like me, were unable to find the JBS web site:  I 
>have learned that it is only open to members (which is not true for this 
>listserve - I hope).  If one is for any reason unable to be a member, 
>one cannot obtain the password.
>Many thanks to Keith for explaining this to me, as I had spent some time 
>trying to find the site.
>As for suggestions about expanding the JBS membership and outreach, my 
>own personal experience (strictly as an outsider) is that JBS has many 
>wonderful members (and an occasional excellent program open to the 
>public) but for various reasons the organization as a whole does not 
>seem particularly interested in encouraging new members.  I should be 
>clear that since I do not meet the requirements for membership (I am 
>somewhat disabled and not nearly knowledgeable enough) others' 
>experience may be quite different.