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Subject: American Literature Association Memorial Day weekend
Importance: High

Burt's death meant some delay in finalizing the panels for the MLA in San
Francisco next December. We must now move quickly to name the panels for the
ALA which will take place also in San Francisco Memorial Day weekend.

Burt had asked to organize these, which I have done so with the help and
advice of Demetres. We have settled on one roundtable panel: Writing Pound
Biography. We were going to do Pound and Music but that has been shifted to
the MLA.

I therefore need to name a panel in the next two days.

I have proposed, and Demetres has agreed, that the second panel be New
Directions in Pound Studies.

Anyone wishing to suggest a paper for that panel need do so in the next 48
hours by responding to me. Best is if you respond to both e-mail addresses.


Tim Redman