Theresa et al-

I'm on the Tree Board in Belgrade and we have a draft ordinance (which for
several reasons will not go to the voters this year unfortunately) that
among other things prohibits planting invasive woodies on public property
including road rights-of-way (referencing a list on file at the town office
provided by yours truly and containing all the familiar woody invasives
including Acer platanoides).

I'll send you a copy of the draft ordinance directly.

Good luck!

Sue Gawler

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Subject: Municipal policies re planting invasives

Hi Everyone
  Does anyone know of citiesor towns that have adopted  policies
addresseing plantings of invasive species on  publicly owned lands .. I seem
to remember hearing that some municipalities and even planning boards had
tackled this issue.
  We would like to take some draft wording to the Wayne Selectboard next
  Theresa Kerchne
  Wayne Conservation Commission 

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