Dear fellow Jossies:

I don't want you to miss out on a special summer meeting.  We are meeting
from Monday p.m., July 16 - Friday a.m., July 21, at the University of New
England (UNE) at their Biddeford campus on the Saco River.

UNE closed reservations today, but we have had a couple cancellations, so
space is still available.

We will be botanizing southern Maine, including its coast.  Arthur and
Christopher have worked hard preparing the field trips.

The workshops sound phenomenal.

Even commuters should consider upgrading to staying on campus to avoid the
toll and high gas prices,  and to enjoy the camaraderie of their botanizing
friends.  It is not pleasant to drive home tired.

To register, please call the JBS Treasurer, Marilyn Mollicone, (207)

Of course, the weather will be great!  Hope to see you at Biddeford.

Barbara Grunden, JBS Secretary