Hi Teresa,

I don't have access to research but I do have our tree growth woodlots'
anecdotal results.  Honeysuckle and company come in with the enforced
woodlot management.  Mark and I spend time, definitely not enough time,
digging and cutting out the lovelies.  It's an ongoing battle.

I bet people in my situation could do some research:  list the site
characteristics (acreage, slope, soils, tree species), measure invasive
species numbers before and after the 'improvement' of the land.

Keep me informed of what you find?  Thanks,

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Subject: Studies/ research focused on regeneration and invasives

Hi everyone. does anyone have citations for research focused on the impact
of invasvies  on regeneration in managed woodlands in New England?

  Theresa Kerchner
  Kennebec Land Trust, Winthrop, Maine
  207- 377-2848
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