he read and wrote poems
such as Goodly Fere etc
at the British Library
where he often crammed the volumes down
all day

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> If you haven't read Pound's _ABCs of Reading_, and _Guide to Kulture_, that
> would be the place to start.
> I read somewhere Pound's comment that he would prefer to be out in the world
> doing stuff--as opposed to shutting himself off in a library.
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>> Pound List,
>>   I am researching the reading habits of Pound and wondered if anyone
> could provide feedback/direction on the topic.  Generally, I need
> information on daily reading habits (time spent, details of how he read,
> etc) and what his home library consisted of throughout his life.  Maud's
> book on Charles Olson is my inspiration.
>>   Cheers,
>>   Rick

John Oliver
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