Ciao Marco! I will forward your question to the EP discussion list. 
You might try to join that. I will forward any replies that aren't 
sent to you directly. I love "kind Paideuma"! best, Sylvester Pollet, 
Assoc. Ed. NPF

At 7:53 AM -0700 7/14/06, marco baldini wrote:
>kind Paideuma,
>I am Marco Baldini a PhD student  from University of Genoa, Italy.
>I'd like to know if some some bibliography  exists about links 
>between Ezra Pound and Guido Cavalcanti.
>If it is possible could you send me one list with titles of 
>monography or articles about This topic?
>Thank you in advance for your kindness.
>Yours Sincerely
>Marco Baldini
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