Can anyone answer this question, whether the work has been published 
in full, or in articles? If you answer to the list, I'll pass the 
message along, or you could answer directly to Ulmer. Thanks, 

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Has there ever been a published work titled: "Some Aspects of 
Romantic Irony in T. S. Eliot's Poetry (1909 - 1922) by Akiko Miyake? 
Just as a point of reference it is a submitted paper for a paritial 
fullfilment for a Master of Arts by Akiko Miyake in 1966 at Duke 

Thanks for passing on the info on the Pound Discussion.
>Sincerely, James L. Ulmer.
>If there is a website dedicated to the work of Akiko Miyake, I would 
>appreciate a link or a url to that internet site.