That is very interesting (and also nice to hear from you; I hope we will see
you at the JBS meeting in a few weeks).  Anomalous flowers are known in some
other orchids (especially Spiranthes).  If you get the chance, you should
take some pictures.

Arthur Haines
Research Botanist
New England Wild Flower Society
(207) 318-4255

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Hi, All, As you know I sometimes find odd looking flowers. A few days ago I
saw a Corallorhiza maculata that had a crowded look at mid-inflorescence. On
close inspection I discovered many flowers with two or three "lips". Some
had the normal number of sepals and narrow petals plus two or three lips.
Some had  only two sepals and three lips, one pointing straight up. The
number of wide lips on the flowers is what made it look so crowded. No
matter what the arrangement, there was only one ovary per flower. Flowers at
the tip and below were normal.
            Gale Flagg