Thanks Lauren.  Let me know if you come across any.


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Hi Don,
    I don't know of any off hand.  The one site I knew is on Southport.  It
had a few plants that I pulled a few years ago.  I have checked it a couple
of times since and the plants have not come back, but I wonder where it came
from since there was no obvious source.  If I see any more, I will let you
know.  If this site is any indication, it does seem possible to eradicate if
caught early.  Lauren
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Subject: Know of any garlic mustard sites?

> MNAP & NEWFS are partnering on a project to eradicate some invasive
> plant occurrences in Maine.  One species we will be focusing on is
> Garlic mustard.
> If you know of any sites for this species please let me know ASAP.
> Thanks, Don
> Don Cameron, Botanist
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