If one thing was made clear at Saturday's meeting, it was that information
on the location of rare plant populations is essential before anything can
be done on their behalf.  If you have data that you have not sent in to the
Maine Natural Areas Program, please get it in.  I'm pretty sure there is
data from recent Josselyn summer meetings - aside from that collected by
MNAPers - that's still in people's notebooks.  In general we prefer data on
the traditional field forms, but in a pinch we will take any record that
includes sufficient information for processing, i.e., species name, date,
observer(s), town, map (& or GPS coordinates), some measure of plant
abundance, size of site, and collection info if collected.  We also like to
have landowner information but it is not essential.  If you need copies of
field forms I can either email you a file copy or mail you some paper forms.

Thanks, Don

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