Hi Susan, Putting on my "invasive species committee" hat, I am immediately
wary of any plant that is so "weedy".  The best intentions to keep plants in
containers are always just intentions.  I personally would stay away from
the plant.  I put the question to the committee at our meeting today and no
one had any definitive thoughts.  I note that we are reviewing a large
number of plants this winter. Nelumbo lutea did reach our radar screen as it
is mentioned as invasive in MA and CT.  We put the plants through a series
of criteria so we do not depend on the other listings. Someone  will be
reviewing that plant. Good luck.  Deb Lievens

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> I have an acquaintance in Durham who has a small farm pond covered with
> approximately 200 lotus plants - all from one that she planted 3 years
> ago.  This one plant was one she ordered from Lilypons in MD she kept in
> a 5 gallon tub and took inside each winter for years.  She got tired of
> doing that and threw it in the pond.  Now she sees it as an invasive.
> She has agreed to let me have a plant or two to put in a container
> myself.  Any caveats?
> It is:  Nelumbo, "Mrs. Perry D. Slocum"
> Thanks,
> Susan