Is there anyone out there who can chair and or motivate something along the
lines of "EP and Confucian thought" ??

Michael Springate

On 1/6/05 9:44 AM, "Burt Hatlen" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> An hour or so ago I forwarded to the list a message that I received from MLA
> headquarters re a call for papers for the 2005 MLA convention.  Since sending
> out that message, I talked have with Alec Marsh (he is still the president of
> the EP Society)
> and we came up with two panel topics: EP at St. Elizabeths (with Alec as
> contact person), and EP and the Founding Fathers (with me as contact person).
> If I don't hear any protests or alternative possibilities by 4:00 this
> afternoon, I'll send in
> these topics to ASmith at MLA headquarters.
> Burt Hatlen