I recently cited the 2003 draft and referenced it thusly (below).
Maybe you should ask Sue and Andy about the version you are citing.

Gawler, S. C. and A. R. Cutko.  2003.  Natural Landscapes of Maine:  A
Classification of Vegetated Natural Communities and Ecosystems.
Draft.  Maine Natural Areas Program, Department of Conservation,
Augusta, Maine.  329 pp.

About the McMahon, try the Maine Biodiversity website, I believe
that's where I found the version I used.

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I am still looking for the following information? Maybe people just
reading their email. This info must be available.

What would be the citation for the latest edition of Sue Gawler's
LANDSCAPES OF MAINE? The one I have is dated March 2001 Field Test

And what would be the citation for Janet McMahon's work on the
regions of Maine? I have a map which I guess comes from Janet's thesis
in 1990.

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