Hi Susan,

The only place that I can think of  in our region that might fit this description is the Ordway Grove in the Norway/S. Paris area. Charlie Cogbill led a walk there for the McLauglin Foundation a number of years ago. Lee Dassler at McLaughlin could give you directions and background info.

There is also the info in Dean Bennett's book on old growth forests..

Hope all is well.

Susan Hayward <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Dear Friends,
I am putting together programs for the Junior Naturalist Club of the
Stanton Bird Club for the coming year and our theme is forests. There
is a student at Bates who is assisting me this year and we both would
like to take the kids (approx. 12 students in grades 2-6 and their
parents) to an old growth forest as close to Lewiston/Auburn as possible.
I know I have been to a pine stand of "Kings Arrow" pines north of here
with JBS in the distant past. Winthrop? Leeds?
I would be grateful for any help and info.
Thanks ,

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