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>I am preparing a brief presentation on the EP/Fenellosa/Rihaku connection.
>The thought has often occurred to me, that there seems to be little,
>if any Japanese commentary on Pound, esp. concerning the
>Fenellosa/Rihaku connection. Perhaps there is but it is not
>available in English. Perhaps it is there and I have just missed it.
>Can anyone help out?
>Thanks in advance for any help.
>Dr. Peter C. Montgomery
>Dept. of English
>Camosun College
>3100 Foul Bay Rd.
>Victoria, BC V8P 5J2

The National Poetry Foundation publishes A Guide to  Ezra Pound and Ernest Fenollosa'a Classic Noh Theatre of Japan, edited by Akiko Miyake, Sanehide Kodama, and Nicholas Teele (Orono, 1994). We'd be glad to sell you a copy. You can order one by
sending me an e-mail.

Burt Hatlen
Director, National Poetry Foundation