I have seen no reference on this list to the recent (June 4)
review in the TLS of three new volumes of EP's poetry:
Richard Sieburth's edition of <Poems and Translations>
(Library of America), the same editor's <The Pisan Cantos>
(New Directions), and Massimo Bacigalupo's selection of
passages that didn't get into the published Cantos,  <Canti
Postumi> (Milan: Mondadori).

The review is written for the TLS general, but the fact that
this three-page review of new books <by> Pound exists is
surely worth noting.

The reviewer finds that Sieburn's <Poems and
translations>, "whatever its demerits" (already
enumerated on this list), is the first edition of P's work
with any claim to completeness"; that Sieburn has done "a
strikingly good job" annotating the PC; and that <Canti
Postumi> is "the most surprising of the books under review"
and one that casts shame on the Anglo-American literary
publishing establishment: imagine, leaving P's Canto
notebooks for the Italians to publish!

Wayne Pounds
Aoyama Gakuin U.