Hello list

Most of the replys seemed to think I was interested in usury itself or in
Pound's economic theories.

Not so!

The list might think a thread on Usury and Pound's anti-Semitism useful.  If
so have at it.  It would probably be very interesting.


I am currently interested in what Pound thought of the 19th century.

Again the question.  Somewhere EP said that the 19th century was the "Age of
Usury" .  Can anyone direct me there?

It was much the same one or two line statement as the one on page 181 of
_Guide to Kulchur_ which states that the 18th century was the age of

or the one on page 221 of _Guide to Kulchur_

"That is, perhaps, where XIX th century philogy went astray."

Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM