Dear Natural History Bibliophile,

Some of you receiving this e-mail are long-time clients and others of you
are learning about V. F. Thomas Co. for the first time. Since 1998 I have
been selling natural history books and videos with an emphasis on botanical
material. In the past, I have mailed a catalog twice a year. Now, I am
experimenting with e-mail notification about new books. Every month or two,
I will send an e-mail message to each of you listing new books I am offering
and will also include an occasional book review or other comments about what
is available. I also welcome any comments you have and will share them with
others in my e-mail updates, with your permission of course. For a complete
and up-to-date list of titles for sale, please visit .

Here are a few items of interest:
---Volume 4 (Caryophyllales) of Flora of North America ($120.00) is
available. I have in stock all FNA volumes published to date
---Illustrated Companion to Gleason and Cronquist - Latest word from the
publisher is that it will be available in March.
---New England's Rarities Discovered - Publisher says it will be reprinted
but not until after new spring books are out.

I appreciate very much your patronage. Your purchases have made possible the
creation of the Delta Institute of Natural History
(, a center that provides natural
history instruction.

If you prefer not to receive periodic updates about new books available,
please e-mail me at the address below.


Thomas F. Vining
V. F. Thomas Co.
Delta Institute of Natural History
219 Dead River Road
Bowdoin, ME  04287
207-266-5748 = 207-BOOKS-4-U