Dear All,

Just to supplement belatedly the info on the recording of A-24 with
some details missing from the Factory School archive: the cast of
performers in that recording is

Thought: Kit Robinson
Drama: Steve Benson (male voices in play) and Carla Harryman (female
voices in play)
Story: Lyn Hejinian
Poem: Barrett Watten
Piano: Bob Perelman

All best,

Alan Golding

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You will find the recording, in two acts, here:

Scroll down to Zukofsky to find

"A"-24 (Recorded by Benson , Harryman, Hejinian,
Robinson and Watten at UC Davis, 1979) Act 1 | Act 2



--- Burt Hatlen <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I believe that Barrett Watten was involved in a
> performance in Berkeley in the late 1960s/early
> 1970s, and it's possible that this performance was
> recorded. You might try to reach him at Wayne State
> U.
> Burt Hatlen

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