Hi folks -
Some of you have already seen this, but thought I would be sure it went to
the rest of the list.

I'll be sorry to miss everyone at Saturday's meeting - I'll be out of town.
Have a great time!

Sue Gawler

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Subject: wildflower disaster in a can

Watch out for those wildflower mixes!
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Subject: wildflower disaster in a can

Some of you may already have seen the article referencing this we site on
pest plants in "wildflower mixes" in the newsletter of the Southern
Appalachian Bot. Soc. 11(1) Spring 03.  I know must of you already knew
this, but it's good to have a published research to pass on to all those
folks that work in nurseries, landscaping, botanical gardens!, and many of
the USDA or University extension services.

Summary they grew 19 wildflower in a can type mixes, and each had at least
three and up to 13 invasive plants in them, eight had seeds of plants that
are listed as noxious weeds in at least one state or province.  Despite the
labeling "native plants, earth day mix" they don't recommend ANY wildflower

They could probably have added that there is also the option of getting seed
from a reputable dealer and mixing your own.