Dear Mrs. Rooney,
    This is the information I'm seeking, as i'm on a limited budget(basically
poverty level) the 200$ is a bit steep, I plan on attending the JBS meeting
at Bates College on April 20 to introduce myself.
    I contacted Mrs. Mollicone and she stated two years ago that there was an
initial $200 fee and then $2/year membership fee to join.  I am an amateur
nurseryman as stated in employment at Plainview Farms for 8 years now,
heavily into native U.S. Wildflowers, with an empathise on Native orchids as
I grow 300+ houseplants, mainly Orchids/Zingiber/Bromeliads.
    Does Mrs. Mollicone have an E-mail address? I am serious in my want of
membership of JBS but as said my budget is limited. what does sponsorship
entitle? Is there a sliding pay scale for the summer annual meeting?
    these are serious question's I have. thank You for your post/reply.

    Mr. Kyle S. Fletcher