Good Morning,
   My name is Mr. Kyle S. Fletcher, I currently reside in Yarmouth,working
at Plainview Farms of N. Yarmouth for the last 8 years. I found a JBS
Bulletin(June 1995) at our local Dump Book Barn 2-3 years ago and was
fascinated by the amount of information it contained.
  I lean heavily toward's native plant's and this checklist has helped
immensely with plant's I buy for the yard. This has also helped immensly
with both work and with classes that I attend at S.M.T.C. being enrolled in
the Plant&Soil Technology Program.
  I would like to join JBS and having now found your list site am asking for
any and all information concerning the JBS. I am currently off duty from
work but shall be getting back pretty soon as Spring is just around the
corner, really it is!!!
  Th'x for your time and patience all, and I shall look forward to speaking
with members.
  Mr. Kyle S