At 07:22 AM 03/08/01 -0400, Tim Romano wrote:
>You are frequenting too many technology newsgroups. You seem to have picked
>up a case of Troll's Disease.

I deny that on-line technology discussions have more trolls than
those dedicated to poetics, but I do apologize for my intemperate
tone.  I read classics heavily but genuinely fail to
understand the popularity of Homer - primarily as I said, because
most of his characters are people I wouldn't want to spend time
with.  Cf. T.E. Lawrence's irritated comments on them in his
collected letters, written while he was engaged in translating
the Odyessy.

I suspect that with Dante the translation is the problem.

And still don't buy the premise that you need to have delved
deeply in Homer & Dante to deal with the Cantos. -Tim