You are frequenting too many technology newsgroups. You seem to have picked
up a case of Troll's Disease.
Tim Romano

At 08:16 AM 8/2/01 -0700, Tim Bray wrote:
>At 09:08 AM 01/08/01 -0400, Stephen van Beek wrote:
> >I do believe nobody should read Pound who has not spent some serious time
> >with Homer and Dante, at the very least.
>I have trouble with that.  I find almost all of Homer to
>be facile and irritating (most of his lead characters are
>at the end of the day flaming assholes), and Dante puts me
>to sleep.  Doesn't get in the Cantos' way.
>Now if you'd said that a good grasp of the framework
>of mythology and of medieval history really help, you'd be
>on safer ground. -Tim