I'm sending this message in part to test the new listserv platform,
which should now be up and running.  Also, I thought that I should
inform the list members that two new rules will be in force, under the
new system.  First, you will not be able to send attached files.  It is
my understanding that this restriction on attached files is primarily
to protect all of us--and, in addition, the U of Maine server--from
possible virus attacks.  Also, you'll have a maximum of 250 lines per
message; individual members may send no more than ten messages a day;
and the listserv as a whole is limited to 100 messages per day.  We've
never come anywhere near 100 messages per day, and I don't think any
even of our most loquacious members have ever exceeded ten messages a
day, so these restrictions shouldn't be a problem.

Burt Hatlen