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>  Mauberly might have indeed been an *attempt* to
>  condense the James novel, but it fell so wide of the mark that no one
>  else would ever recognize it as such.
As I said,
>  >Espey in "Ezra Pound's Mauberley" spends the whole of chpt 4 talking about
>  >Jame's place in HSM.
--apparently some one recognized it as such.
>  to wit in exactly
>  what respect you see a parallel between Mauberly and the Waste Land.  As
>  I say, I'm no litterateur, but this statement seems rather odd to me.
Both poems share the impression Ulysses left--classical-modern parallels,
colloquial dramatic dialogue, impersonality, to quote Joyce quoting
Aristotle, "by different means in different parts," fragmentation from this
approach and additionally the modern awakening to symbols as decorative while
their meaning is some place else.  More generally, not to lose sight of a
larger picture, both poems take part in a lengthy gripe about the world being
a hostile place for the imagination.
Lady you gave my post brief activity of notice and replied in near complete
dismissal. Thank you to the others that have legitimately replied to my
Zachary Dempster