Hugh Selwyn Mauberley might be a more profitable poem to explore James by.
Espey in "Ezra Pound's Mauberley" spends the whole of chpt 4 talking about
Jame's place in HSM.
To quote Espey, quoting Pound,
"(Of course I'm no more Mauberley than Eliot is Prufrock,  Mais passons.)
Mauberley is a mere surface.  Again a study in form, an attempt to condense
the James novel.  Meliora speramus."
Incidentally, while I am sending this to the list, I have my own worry.
I am attempting to write an essay on Hugh Selwyn Mauberley's influence on
other poets--primarily modern poets.
I see an affinity between HSM and The Waste Land, but I have not come across
any writing pertaining to that affinity.
Is there some essay I am missing?
And more generally are there any other poets who reflect in their poetry HSM?
Zachary Dempster