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Michael Springate <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 22 Jan 2014 15:32:47 -0800
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I was wondering how hard it is for people to find the missing Cantos. Are
they generally available to anyone who wants them? Is the idea to make
them available? 

I have a copy. Might they also be appropriate for the gathering of


On 14.01.22 2:20 PM, "Jennifer Wilson" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>If that happens we will have to form a club of "naive Idealists!"
>On Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 1:14 PM, Roxana Preda <[log in to unmask]>
>> Dear Jennifer,
>> So you believe in the library idea! I suppose the thirty books are
>> volumes and criticism - give me some time to organise shelf space and I
>> will gladly take over what you have.
>> The library idea came to me as I found myself suddenly at the center of
>> this information and communication hub. I realised in time that this was
>> what I wanted to create within the society. The meaning, or the goal of
>> presidency if you will.
>> I just hope that I don't end up talking to myself. If people do not
>> into action somehow, I will just remain a naive idealist, nothing more!
>> With all my best,
>> Roxana
>> Quoting Jennifer Wilson <[log in to unmask]> on Tue, 21 Jan 2014
>> -0800:
>>  Hi Roxana,
>>> As a non-academic in your midst, I must say that I'm very impressed
>>> both your ambition and your resourcefulness. Wow.
>>> When I started the Ezra Pound Association I became a collector of all
>>> things Poundian and now have quite a library. It's clear that the
>>> birthplace will never be a study source, so I've just been hanging on
>>> them, wondering where they will eventually end up. Should you folk ever
>>> decide on a semi-permanent location with book shelf potential, please
>>> consider accepting this collection as a gift, shipping included. I
>>> even have an estimate on number of volumes, much less a list, but I'm
>>> guesstimating about thirty, perhaps more. In the mean time, I'll keep
>>> looking for and collecting.
>>> My very best,
>>> Jennifer Wilson
>>> On Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 2:00 PM, Roxana Preda <[log in to unmask]>
>>> wrote:
>>>  Dear Poundians,
>>>> Now that mid-January is already behind us, it is maybe time to think
>>>> about
>>>> our new article award.
>>>> Regarding published articles, we have a strange situation. 2012 seems
>>>> have been a flourishing year for Pound scholarship. The MLA
>>>> showed 10 articles published in various journals, plus the volume 39
>>>> Paideuma, which had a strong Pound presence. See the link to the
>>>> list, which I have attached through dropbox here:
>>>> https://www.dropbox.com/s/2q3e2lcslc1gdkk/Articles%20in%
>>>> 20Pound%20studies%202012-2013.doc
>>>> By contrast, 2013 is peculiarly poor ? I have found just three
>>>> Now this of course can occur because a number of them may not have
>>>> trickled
>>>> down into the databases yet.
>>>> A number of these articles are freely available online. That is
>>>> especially
>>>> fortunate ? some articles are literally in the palm of our hand.
>>>> To this list we have to add two article collections:
>>>> Coyle, Michael and Steven Yao, eds. Ezra Pound and Education. Orono:
>>>> National Poetry Foundation, 2012.
>>>> and
>>>> Pratt, William and Caterina Ricciardi, eds. Roma/Amor. Ezra Pound Rome
>>>> and
>>>> Love. NY: AMS, 2013.
>>>> Unfortunately I have seen neither of these collections and I would be
>>>> very
>>>> grateful if some of you felt generous enough to let the society have a
>>>> copy.  I mean by that of course let ME have a copy so that I can pass
>>>> on
>>>> to reviewers and/or keep for reference.
>>>> I think it would be a good idea if the society had a Pound library of
>>>> own. At first, this could be located in my office, but then I could
>>>> it
>>>> over to my successor. The idea being that whenever some of us can?t
>>>> locate
>>>> a material s/he could write to the society for help.
>>>> But even if the library idea does not materialize, it would be good to
>>>> have these collections for promotion in our newsletter and for
>>>> consideration for our award, hence my appeal to you for a copy of
>>>> volumes.
>>>> Until now I have received one nomination:
>>>> Golding, Alan. ?From Pound to Olson: The Avant-Gardist as Pedagogue.?
>>>> Ezra
>>>> Pound and Education. Ed. Michael Coyle and Steven Yao. National Poetry
>>>> Foundation, 2012. 183-210.
>>>> I would like to receive two more nominations so that the committee and
>>>> the
>>>> peer reviewers can have a real debate.
>>>> Let us establish mid-February as a sort of deadline for the final
>>>> announcements of nominations, so that you have three weeks to look at
>>>> articles and recommend the ones you like best. If two or more people
>>>> nominate the same article, so much the better.
>>>> For those of you who may have difficulties procuring articles of
>>>> interest,
>>>> drop me an email, I have them all and can easily send you the pdfs.
>>>> It is very possible I may have overlooked an article or a collection.
>>>> Please let me know if this is the case. We do need a complete picture
>>>> and I
>>>> would be all too glad to update the list. Besides, just three articles
>>>> last
>>>> year seems a bit suspicious to me.
>>>> I am curious to know what you think of these articles and look
>>>>forward to
>>>> your input on them. Happy reading!
>>>> With all my best,
>>>> Roxana
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