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David Smith <[log in to unmask]>
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David Smith <[log in to unmask]>
Thu, 18 Aug 2016 13:25:09 +0000
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If anyone on the van would like any of these please let me know.

DG 207 .                               L5 H33   A history of Rome: selections. Translated, with an introd., by Moses Hadas and Joe P. Poe.
DG 207 .T2 C45                  The complete works of Tacitus : The annals. The history. The life of Cnaeus Julius Agricola. Germany and its tribes. A dialogue on oratory
DG 210 .C3 1954               A history of Rome down to the reign of Constantine.
DG 249 .B3 1967               Hannibal
DG 256 .7 .B3 1967           Sulla the fortunate: the great dictator  being an essay on politics in the form of a historical biography.
DG 259 .H8 1967               The conspiracy of Catiline.
DG 261 .F94                        Julius Caesar: man, soldier, and tyrant / [by] J. F. C. Fuller.
DG 279 .B8                          Augustus / by John Buchan.
DG 282 .B3 1967               Tiberius Caesar / by G. P. Baker.
DG 284 .M62 1962           Claudius, the Emperor and his achievement. Translated by W. D. Hogarth. With a new bibliography, 1942-59.
DG 295 .P38 1962             Hadrian.
DG 315 .B3 1967               Constantine the Great and the Christian revolution, by G. P. Baker.
DG 319 .K3                          Byzantium and the decline of Rome.
DG 457 .C3 B7                    The dream of Arcadia / Van Wyck Broks.
DG 533 .H35                       Renaissance / by John R. Hale and the editors of Time-Life books.
DG 551 .W5 1965              The evolution of modern Italy [by] Arthur James Whyte.
DG 552 .8 .G2 M24 1969                Garibaldi.
DG 552 .8 .G2 P3 1962a  The lion of Caprera : a biography of Giuseppe Garibaldi / by John Parris.
DG 552 .S3                          Cavour and the unification of Italy
DG 555 .C77 1963             A history of Italy, 1871-1915 / Benedetto Croce   translated by Cecilia M. Ady.
DG 571 .F5 1965                Mussolini's Italy.
DG 575 .M8 M22 1964    The day of the lion  the life and death of fascist Italy, 1922-1945
DG 737 .42 .Y8 1930        The Medici, by Colonel G. F. Young, C. B.
DG 737 .5 .H6                     The Florentine enlightenment, 1400-50 [by] George Holmes.
DG 737 .9 .A4 1962          Lorenzo dei Medici and Renaissance Italy
DJ 152 .M6 1861 v.1        History of the United Netherlands : from the death of William the Silent to the twelve years' truce--1609.
DJ 152 .M6 1861 v.2        History of the United Netherlands : from the death of William the Silent to the twelve years' truce--1609.
DJ 152 .M6 1861 v.3        History of the United Netherlands : from the death of William the Silent to the twelve years' truce--1609.
DJ 152 .M6 1861 v.4        History of the United Netherlands : from the death of William the Silent to the twelve years' truce--1609.
DK 106 .G72 1964a           Ivan, the Terrible.
DK 131 .G75                       Peter the Great, Emperor of All Russia.
DK 131 .O39                       Peter the Great. Edited by L. Jay Oliva.
DK 170 .A6                          Catherine the Great / by Katharine Anthony.
DK 170 .G65 1966             Catherine the Great, and other studies [by] G.P. Gooch
DK 186 .S28                        Russia and the Mediterranean, 1797-1807 / Norman E. Saul.
DK 189 .C66 1976              The shadow of the winter palace : Russia's drift to revolution, 1825-1917 / Edward Crankshaw.
DK 191 .A65                        The Emperor Alexander I [by] E.M. Almedingen.
DK 220 .A4                          The Emperor Alexander II  a study by E.M. Almedingen.
DK 221 .W66                      The crisis of Russian populism.
DK 240 .L56 1983              In war's dark shadow : the Russians before the Great War / W. Bruce Lincoln
DK 246 .T65 1964              Twentieth century Russia
DK 25 .C986 K45                The Marquis de Custine and his Russia in 1839 / by George F. Kennan.
DK 254 .L4 P35                   The life and death of Lenin / by Robert Payne.
DK 254 .R3 F85 1962        Rasputin, the holy devil.
DK 254 .T6 D415                The prophet outcast : Trotsky, 1929-1940.
DK 263 .H3                          First blood  the Russian Revolution of 1905, by Sidney Harcave.
DK 265 .8 .K7 A88             Kronstadt, 1921.
DK 265 .R38 1960             Ten days that shook the world
DK 266 .G717 1967b        The first fifty years: Soviet Russia, 1917-67.
DK 266 .U49                       Expansion and coexistence  the history of Soviet foreign policy, 1917-67 [by] Adam B. Ulman.
DK 267 .H5 1930d             Humanity uprooted, by Maurice Hindus ... drawings by Arthur Hawkins, jr.
DK 268 .S8 D48 1967       Stalin  a political biography.
DK 274 .C63                        Russia after Khrushchev.
DK 274 .K83                        The Soviet Union in world affairs : a documented analysis, 1964-1972 / [by] W. W. Kulski.
DK 275 .A4 A43                 Twenty letters to a friend / Svetlana Alliluyeva   translated by Priscilla Johnson McMillan.
DK 275 .B84 A37               To build a castle : my life as a dissenter / by Vladimir Bukovsky   translated by Michael Scammell.
DK 275 .K5 A326               Khrushchev remembers : the last testament / translated and edited by Strobe Talbott   with a foreword by Edward Crankshaw and an introduction by Jerrold L. Schecter.
DK 275 .K5 C7                    Khrushchev : a career / Edward Crankshaw.
DK 28 .T5 1971                   Russia
DK 289 .S687 1988           The Soviet Union : opposing viewpoints / Neal Bernards ... [et al.], book editors.
DK 3 .W3 1963 v.1           Readings in Russian history from ancient times to the post-Stalin era / compiled and edited by Warren B. Walsh.
DK 3 .W3 1963 v.2           Readings in Russian history from ancient times to the post-Stalin era / compiled and edited by Warren B. Walsh.
DK 3 .W3 1963 v.3           Readings in Russian history from ancient times to the post-Stalin era / compiled and edited by Warren B. Walsh.
DK 32 .W67                         The Western impact upon tsarist Russia [by] Melvin C. Wren.
DK 41 .E4                             History of Russia.
DK 41 .S68 1969                An introduction to Russian history and culture.
DK 41 .W7 1963                 The course of Russian history.
DK 414 .H232 1961           A history of Poland.
DK 418 .B45                        Poland / [by] V?íclav L. Bene?í and Norman J. G. Pounds
DK 436 .L545 1956            Polish politics and the Revolution of November 1830.
DK 440 .R6173 1966a      A history of modern Poland, from the foundation of the State in the First World War to the present day. Translated from the German by J. R. Foster.
DK 606 .K7 A63 1963       The Kremlin : nerve-centre of Russian history / by Victor Alexandrov   translated by Roy Monkcom.
DK 63 .3 .F55 v.1               The cold war and its origins, 1917-1960.
DK 63 .3 .F55 v.2               The cold war and its origins, 1917-1960.
DK 63 .3 .K38                      Russia and the West under Lenin and Stalin
DK 63 .3 .L5                         The rise of the Soviet empire  a study of Soviet foreign policy [by] Jan Librach.
DK 68 .7 .C5 C7                  The new cold war, Moscow v. Pekin
DK 68 .7 .C5 Z3                  The Sino-Soviet Conflict, 1956-1961.
DK 753 .S362 1963           Siberia: its conquest and development. Translated from the German by J.R. Foster
DL 603 .R6 1968b              Sweden as a great power, 1611-1697: government, society, foreign policy. Edited by Michael Roberts.
DL 65 .A65                           Viking enterprise
DP 162 .P7 1859 v.1        History of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella, the Catholic
DP 162 .P7 1859 v.2        History of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella, the Catholic
DP 162 .P7 1859 v.3        History of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella, the Catholic
DP 172 .S36                        Charles V, father of Europe
DP 178 .P43                        Philip II of Spain.
DP 178 .P7 1859 v.1        History of the reign  of Philip the second, King of Spain
DP 178 .P7 1859 v.2        History of the reign  of Philip the second, King of Spain
DP 178 .P7 1859 v.3        History of the reign  of Philip the second, King of Spain
DP 43 .M45                         Iberia  Spanish travels and reflections / [by] James A. Michener   photographs by Robert Vavra.
DP 559 .D6                          The Portugal story: three centuries of exploration and discovery.
DP 59 .A8                             Royal vendetta  the crown of Spain, 1829-1965.
DP 66 .D423                        A history of Spain / by Jean Descola   translated from the French by Elaine P. Halperin.
DR 327 .R9 M3                   The Serbs and Russian Pan-Slavism, 1875-1878.
DR 36 .J38                           The Balkans / Charles and Barbara Jelavich.
DR 36 .S4 1966                   History of the Balkan Peninsula
DR 48 .5 .F413 1971         A history of the people's democracies: Eastern Europe since Stalin / Francois Fejto   translated by Daniel Weissbort.
DR 48 .5 .L43                      Eagles in cobwebs : nationalism and communism in the Balkans / Paul Lendvai.
DR 48 .5 .Z5                        National communism and popular revolt in Eastern Europe : a selection of documents on events in Poland and Hungary, February-November, 1956 / edited by Paul E. Zinner
DR 48 .M25 1962              Independent Eastern Europe, a history, by C. A. Macartney and A. W. Palmer.
DR 583 .L48 1968              The emergence of modern Turkey.
DR 592 .K4 K43 1965       Ataturk : a biography of Mustafa Kemal, father of modern Turkey / by Lord Kinross.
DR 90 .B7                             Bulgaria under Communist rule / [by] J. F. Brown.
DS 1 .C572 1961                American institutions and organizations interested in Asia, a reference directory
DS 113 .7 .L87 1980         Arabs in the Jewish State   Israel's control of a national minority / by Ian Lustick.
DS 113 .S38                         Great ages and ideas of the Jewish people, by Salo W. Baron [and others]
DS 119 .7 .A7                      Lightning out of Israel: the six-day war in the Middle East.
DS 119 .7 .R613 1968b    Israel and the Arabs. Translated from the French by Michael Perl.
DS 119 .7 .S32                    From war to war: the Arab-Israeli confrontation, 1948-1967  a study of the conflict from the perspective of coercion in the context of inter-Arab and big power relations.
DS 119 .7 .S379                  Armageddon in the Middle East / Dana Adams Schmidt.
DS 119 .7 .S618 1988       Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict / Charles D. Smith.
DS 119 .7 .W38                  The Palestine State : a rational approach / Richard J. Ward, Don Peretz, Evan M. Wilson.
DS 12 .R6                             India and the awakening East.
DS 123 .S46 1971              A history of the Jews since the first century A.D.
DS 126 .5 .P7 1968            Israel : miracle in the desert.
DS 126 .6 .M42 A37 1975              My life / by Golda Meir.
DS 127 .C48                        The six day war
DS 127 .L37 1968b            The road to war
DS 135 .B8 C53 1972        The Bulgarian Jews and the final solution, 1940-1944 [by] Frederick B. Chary.
DS 135 .R93 K288 1990   Surviving the Holocaust : the Kovno Ghetto diary / Avraham Tory   edited with an introduction by Martin Gilbert   textual and historical notes by Dina Porat   translated by Jerzy Michalowicz.
DS 145 .G49                        Christian beliefs and anti-Semitism [by] Charles Y. Glock and Rodney Stark.
DS 146 .G4 M66                Germans and Jews : the Right, the Left, and the search for a  Third Force  in pre-Nazi Germany / [by] George L. Mosse.
DS 154 .52 .G5 A3            A soldier with the Arabs.
DS 19 .C522 1952              The Mongol Empire, its rise and legacy, by Michael Prawdin. [pseud.] Translated by Eden and Cedar Paul.
DS 208 .R32 1980              Arabia, a journey through the labyrinth / by Jonathan Raban.
DS 223 .H5 1968                History of the Arabs, from the earliest times to the present
DS 223 .N8                          The Arabs  a narrative history from Mohammed to the present.
DS 244 .52 .L29 1982       The Kingdom / Robert Lacey.
DS 326 .C46                        The Changing balance of power in the Persian Gulf  the report of an international seminar at the Center for Mediterranean Studies, Rome, June 26th to July 1st, 1972
DS 326 .P48                        The Persian Gulf States : a general survey / Alvin J. Cottrell, general editor   C. Edmund Bosworth ... [et al.], editors.
DS 33 .2 .L4 1966              The world beyond Europe  an introduction to the history of Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and the Far East.
DS 35 .63 .L37 1988         A history of Islamic societies / Ira M. Lapidus.
DS 35 .L6                              New nations in a divided world : the international relations of the Afro-Asian states / edited by Kurt London.
DS 36 .8 .B4413 Cultural expression in Arab society today = Langages arabes du present / by Jacques Berque   translated by Robert W. Stookey   poetry translated by Basima Bezirgan & Elizabeth Fernea.
DS 379 .W5                         Pakistan : its people, its society, its culture Donald N. Wilber   in collaboration with Donald Atwell ... [et al.]
DS 38 .V6                             Unity and variety in Muslim civilization / edited by Gustave E. von Grunebaum   with papers by Armand Abel ... [et al]
DS 39 .P64 1975                The United States and the Arab world / William R. Polk
DS 407 .I5                            India  the world's largest democracy.
DS 407 .M4 1970               Portrait of India, by Ved Mehta.
DS 421 .N3 1965                An area of darkness / V.S. Naipaul.
DS 421 .R35 1952              India, a short cultural history.
DS 436 .G7 1965                Modern India / by Sir Percival Griffiths.
DS 44 .F63                           Focus on the Middle East. Edited by Alice Taylor.
DS 448 .S24                         Indian foreign policy in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, 1947-1964 [by] D. R. SarDesai.
DS 450 .C5 P36 1964        Peking versus Delhi.
DS 463 .G74 1965             The British impact on India / by Sir Percival Griffiths.
DS 478 .C7 1964                The great Indian Mutiny : a dramatic account of the Sepoy Rebellion.
DS 480 .84 .M58               India today, by Frank Moraes.
DS 481 .N35 S48                Nehru: the years of power
DS 51 .K7 A8                       The Kurds: an historical and political study.
DS 511 .P4 1968                The Far East  a modern history.
DS 511 .V6 1959                A history of the Far East in modern times / Harold M. Vinacke.
DS 518 .1 .B56                    An eye for the dragon  Southeast Asia observed, 1954-1970.
DS 518 .1 .M55                  Southeast Asia : illusion and reality in politics and economics  / Lennox A. Mills.
DS 518 .8 .F48                    Southeast Asia in United States policy / by Russell H. Fifield.
DS 527 .C613                      The making of South East Asia, by G. C*des. Translated by H. M. Wright.
DS 550 .B6213                    The quicksand war  prelude to Vietnam. Translated and with an introd. by Patrick O'Brian.
DS 553 .1 .B54 1988         Decision against war
DS 556 .9 .H346 1987      A death in November : America in Vietnam, 1963 / Ellen J. Hammer.
DS 557 .A5 B23                  Vietnam: the roots of conflict [by] Chester A. Bain.
DS 557 .A6 C6 1968          The betrayal / William R. Corson
DS 557 .A6 H5                    Our Vietnam nightmare.
DS 557 .A6 K553                Victor Charlie  the face of war in Viet-Nam. Introd. by Bernard B. Fall. Translated by Abe Farbstein.
DS 557 .A61 M6                 And/or  antonyms for our age [by] Marjorie Morris and Don Sauers.
DS 557 .A63 D7                  Abuse of power.
DS 557 .A63 G67               Truth is the first casualty  the Gulf of Tonkin affair: illusion and reality, by Joseph C. Goulden.
DS 557 .A68 M3                 Vietnam / Mary McCarthy.
DS 557 .A69 D8                  The new legions / by Donald Duncan.
DS 557 .A7 S2                     Behind the lines : Hanoi, December 23, 1966-January 7, 1967.
DS 558 .2 .S95 1982         On strategy : a critical analysis of the Vietnam War / Harry G. Summers, Jr.
DS 581 .L3                           Anna and the King of Siam [by] Margaret Landon, illustrated by Margaret Ayer.
DS 615 .G67 1966             Indonesia
DS 62 .4 .Y3 1968              The Near East  a modern history.
DS 62 .8 .A2                        Political systems of the Middle East in the 20th century [by] W. F. Abboushi.
DS 62 .F5 1969                   The Middle East : a history.
DS 62 .H8233                      The Arabs : their history, culture and place in the modern world.
DS 63 .1 .P65                      Political dynamics in the Middle East. Edited by Paul Y. Hammond and Sidney S. Alexander.
DS 63 .2 .G7 K58               Foundations of British policy in the Arab world: the Cairo Conference of 1921 [by] Aaron S. Klieman.
DS 63 .2 .R9 K55                Soviet Russia and the Middle East, by Aaron S. Klieman.
DS 63 .2 .R9 L32 1969      The struggle for the Middle East : the Soviet Union in the Mediterranean, 1958-1968 / [by] Walter Laqueur.
DS 63 .2 .U5 C3                  Defense of the Middle East  problems of American policy.
DS 63 .2 .U5 P6                  The United States and the Arab world [by] William R. Polk.
DS 63 .2 .U5 S64 1983     Split vision : the portrayal of Arabs in the American media / edited by Edmund Ghareeb.
DS 638 .D34 1971b           History of Indonesia in the twentieth century. Translated by P. S. Falla.
DS 643 .B3                           The native policies of Sir Stamford Raffles in Java and Sumatra.
DS 644 .1 .S8 L4                 Sukarno  a political biography [by] J. D. Legge.
DS 672 .8 .T3 1964            The Philippines and the United States : problems of partnership / by George E. Taylor.
DS 69 .5 .O6 1964             Ancient Mesopotamia: portrait of a dead civilization, by A. Leo Oppenheim.
DS 706 .L3 1964                 The Chinese, their history and culture.
DS 711 .M273                    The Peking papers  leaves from the notebook of a China correspondent.
DS 711 .R9313 1977         Chinese shadows / by Simon Leys
DS 721 .C875 1933           The vision of Asia  an interpretation of Chinese art and culture, by L. Cranmer-Byng ...
DS 721 .D357                      The Chinese chameleon: an analysis of European conceptions of Chinese civilization [by] Raymond Dawson.
DS 721 .F55 1961              China : a short cultural history.
DS 740 .4 .O36                   Chinese foreign policy in an age of transition: the diplomacy of cultural despair, by Ishwer C. Ojha.
DS 740 .5 .R8 C63             China & Russia  the  great game  [by] O. Edmund Clubb.
DS 740 .5 .R8 S33              Tsars, mandarins, and commissars  a history of Chinese-Russian relations.
DS 755 .S4 1968b              The paper dragon : an account of the China Wars, 1840-1900 / John Selby.
DS 771 .S77 1966              China and the Occident  the origin and development of the Boxer movement.
DS 774 .S37                         Chinese communism and the rise of Mao.
DS 774 .S38                         China.
DS 777 .54 .M4 1968       The mandate of heaven: record of a civil war  China 1945-49 [by] John F. Melby  photos. by Henri Cartier-Bresson.
DS 777 .55 .B333               Uncertain passage: China's transition to the post-Mao era [by] A. Doak Barnett.
DS 777 .55 .B55                 The Chinese looking glass
DS 777 .55 .E4 1964         The center of the world  communism and the mind of China, by Robert S. Elegant.
DS 778 .M3 C473              Mao / edited by Jerome Ch'en.
DS 785 .H273 1954           Seven years in Tibet / translated by Richard Graves.
DS 786 .T49                         Tibet, by Thubten Jigme Norbu and Colin M. Turnbull.
DS 79 .72 .P34 1992         Moving mountains : lessons in leadership and logistics from the Gulf War / William G. Pagonis with Jeffrey L. Cruikshank
DS 793 .M7 G4 1970        Among the Mongols
DS 821 .C587 1983           The Japanese mind : the Goliath explained / Robert C. Christopher.
DS 87 .G67                          Lebanon, the fragmented nation
DS 87 .J6                              I speak for Lebanon / Kamal Joumblatt   translated by Michael Pallis   as recorded by Philippe Lapousterle.
DS 885 .Y3 1966                 Japan since Perry
DS 889 .8 .M6 1966          Hirohito, Emperor of Japan / by Leonard Mosely.
DS 902 .F3 1993                 Facts about Korea
DS 904 .O8                          The Koreans and their culture.
DS 918 .B4 1965                The Korea knot, a military-political history.
DS 919 .A5 1986                Korea, the first war we lost / Bevin Alexander.
DS 95 .G5 1967b                Syria, Lebanon, Jordan
DS 95 .H5                             History of Syria, including Lebanon and Palestine.


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