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"Joshua Tiffany, MLIS" <[log in to unmask]>
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Sat, 3 Sep 2022 13:13:37 -0400
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Greetings, salutations, and welcome back to another sun setting early,
breaking out the flannel, Halloween-season-starts-now edition of the High
Demand Hold Digest, your source for the hottest, the newest, the most
amazing things our beloved patrons ache to receive.

Yesterday, I finally saw it.  I'd been waiting, watching, and trying to look
for it while knowing it only arrives on its own time.  I knew it would come,
sure as I know that when watching a Quentin Tarantino movie I'll be exposed
to a woman's bare feet.  But yesterday, as I walked out my front door and
had that crisp, clear air, recently purged of humidity, greet me like a
long-lost friend, my eyes wandered over my shaggy lawn (for some of us,
no-mow-May is a way of life and not a month) nad the fates greeted me with
what I'd long sought.

A single, small, blood-red leaf laying perched atop a lush green lawn.  And
just like that, the starting pistol for my own personal season change was
fired.  Bring on the fall!

As we have in many seasons before, I know this new season will bring new
challenges.  Granted, we are blessed to have a start of the school year
without watching COVID-19 case rates the way we used to watch baseball box
scores, fussing over the correct language to politely instruct patrons that
masks are required, or worrying about the contamination and quarantine times
of books being left in the book drops.  I'm not saying we are done with all
that (although I hope and pray we are) - all I'm saying is that this
particular season of the witch comes jammed packed with news stories and
tales of a fright as old as time yet rebooted for 21st century.

Yep, that's right folks - librarians, to some, are now dangerous individuals
who must be stopped.  Discussions and debates which I considered relics of a
distant, barbaric era are now being reignited with a vicious new fuel.
While the stories from the field are (sadly) too many to be recounted, most
of have heard the snippets of school board meetings turning into something
akin to the Salem Witch trials, librarians being fired and run out of towns
for daring to say people should have access to certain resources, librarians
being threatened with criminal charges if they furnish harmful materials to
minors, members of The Proud Boys barging into and disrupting libraries'
LGBTQ events in the name of saving children, agitators volunteering at
public libraries for the sole purpose of arriving heavily armed to prove a
point, librarians being harassed online and in person because they are
accused of being part of the global cabal of baby eaters, and (sadly) on..
and on. and on.

But fear not fellow truth seekers - for every action, there is a reaction.
Because along with such depressing and disheartening news, there are the
cracks where the light gets in.  The Nashville Public Library created "I
Read Banned Books" library cards and have proudly distributed nearly 5,000
of them.  A school librarian in Louisiana filed a defamation lawsuit after
two men publicly labeled and attacked her as a pedophile who wants to teach
11-year-olds about certain types of sex.  Four librarians in Texas, in
response to a state representative creating a list of 850 books (shockingly
most of which were centered around LGBTQ issues or written by non-white
authors), formed "#FReadom Fighters" to resist what they call "the war on
books".  And in our own back yard, an anonymous patron heard the news that
the graphic biography "Gender Queer" is being removed or considered for
removal from several Maine school libraries.  The reaction - the quick
purchase and donation of ten copies to the book, which are now housed and
available through the Minerva High Demand Library, assuring anyone who wants
a copy will not have to wait to get it.

If the news of the world starts getting you down, dig deeper and find those
stories of hope rather than despair.  Find those shining lights in the
darkness even during the blackest of nights.  I promise and assure you -
they will be there.

And if I were to offer one practical matter of advice - know your own
library's policies.  When was the last time you revisited your process for
responding to challenges in the library?  Who have you authorized to review
and evaluate materials when challenges are filed?  What do your policies
state about children and young adults accessing certain materials in the
library?  Do you have advocates in your community who will stand to defend
the library if some organization demands removal of an item and threatens
your funding if you don't?  

Don't wait until you have a formal complaint in your hand to figure out what
happens next.  As Sun Tzu taught us, every battle is won or lost before it
is ever fought.

Returning now to the initial purpose of these monthly missives, welcome to
the High Demand Hold Digest, a record of the most requested items in the
Minerva consortium where there are at least twice as many holds as there are
available copies.  It is published on a "monthly-ish" basis and published
through various Maine Library list-servs.  If the universe has delivered a
copy of this into your hands, and you are not subscribed to said listservs
and wish to see more, please send me an email and I will add you to a direct
distribution list.  

And if you feel petrified and overwhelmed by the world, and at a total loss
of how to proceed, always remember the words of Ijeoma Umebinyuo:

"Start now. Start where you are. Start with fear. Start with pain. Start
with doubt. Start with hands shaking. Start with voice trembling but start.
Start and don't stop. Start where you are, with what you have. Just...

Keep the dream alive my brothers and sisters.  The light of libraries
continues to shine, thanks to you.

I'll see ya in the stacks, and until next time.




. but two last bits of shameless self-promotion since I am on the clock and
the good people of Gray are paying me for these efforts.  

First - the Gray Public Library has launched a vinyl collection that is
available for Minerva lending, if any audiophiles out there are listening.
It's only about 20 titles but still growing - and if use picks up, lots more
titles will be added.  If you search the call number VINYL, you'll see it.  

And second, in honor of Stephen King turning 75 this month, the Gray Public
Library is hosting a special Stephen King Trivia Day on Saturday, September
24th at 1:30PM.  Free food!  Fun prizes!  You can play by yourself, or in
teams of up to five.  And the night before, we are screening Stephen King's
least favorite film adaptation of any of his works, in glorious 4K on a
150-inch screen with an 11-speaker surround sound system.  See our website
for more details.

Books - Fiction

1.	Hatchet Island (Doiron) - 267 holds on 131 items
2.	The Midcoast (White) - 211 holds on 79 items
3.	Horse (Brooks) - 180 holds on 53 items
4.	Fellowship Point (Dark) - 173 holds on 50 items
5.	Night of the Living Rez (Morgan Talty) - 171 holds on 58 items
6.	Lessons in Chemistry (Garmus) - 121 holds on 51 items
7.	The It Girl (Ware) - 110 holds on 54 items
8.	Verity (Hoover) - 80 holds on 27 items
9.	It Ends With Us (Hoover) - 73 holds on 34 items
10.	Carrie Soto is Back (Reid) - 71 holds on 18 items
11.	Wrong Place, Wrong Time (McAllister) - 64 holds on 15 items
12.	The Ink Black Heart (Galbraith) - 62 holds on 24 items
13.	Fox Creek (Krueger) - 56 holds on 27 items
14.	Every Summer After (Fortune) - 49 holds on 23 items
15.	Lessons in Chemistry (Garmus) ((Barnes + Noble Edition) - 40 holds
on 1 item
16.	The Marriage Portrait (O'Farrell) - 38 holds on 6 items
17.	Things We Never Got Over (Score) - 37 holds on 2 items
18.	Daisy Darker (Feeney) - 37 holds on 15 items
19.	Other Birds (Allen) - 36 holds on 16 items
20.	All Good People Here (Flowers) - 34 holds on 10 items

Books - Non-fiction

1.	I'm Glad My Mom Died (McCurdy) - 77 holds on 9 items
2.	Why We Did It: A Travelogue From the Republican Road to Hell
(Miller) - 43 holds on 12 items
3.	Shy: The Alarmingly Outspoken Memoirs of Mary Rodgers (Rodgers) - 34
holds on 10 items
4.	Thank You For Your Servtitude: Donald Trump's Washington and the
Price of Submission (26 holds on 11 items)
5.	Life on the Mississippi: An Epic American Adventure (Buck) - 25
holds on 12 items
6.	The Big Lie: Election Chaos, Political Opportunism, and the State of
American Politics After 2020 (Lemire) - 18 holds on 8 items
7.	The Destructionists: The Twenty-Five Year Crack-Up of the Republican
Party (Milbank) - 11 holds on 5 items
8.	Intermittent Fasting Transformation: The 45-day program for women to
lose stubborn weight, improve hormonal health, and slow aging (Thurlow) - 10
holds on 1 item
9.	The Complete Guide to Memory: The Science of Strengthening Your Mind
(Restak) - 10 holds on 1 item
10.	No Bad Parts: Healing Trauma and Restoring Wholeness with the
Internal Family Systems Model (Schwartz) - 9 holds on 2 items

Large Print Books

1.	Horse (Brooks) - 36 holds on 9 items
2.	Shattered (Patterson) - 32 holds on 12 items
3.	Lessons in Chemistry (Garmus) - 28 holds on 11 items
4.	Portrait of an Unknown Woman (Silva) - 27 holds on 13 items
5.	The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (Reid) - 22 holds on 7 items
6.	Black Dog (Woods) - 20 holds on 6 items
7.	It Ends With Us (Hoover) - 17 holds on 4 items
8.	Overkill (Brown) - 16 holds on 3 items
9.	The Challenge (Steel) - 16 holds on 6 items
10.	The Woman in the Library (Gentill) - 10 holds on 3 items


1.	A World of Curiosities (Penny) - 130 holds
2.	Hatchet Island (Doiron) (large print) - 81 holds
3.	Lucy By the Sea (Strout) - 74 holds
4.	It Starts With Us (Hoover) - 72 holds
5.	Fairy Tale (King) - 69 holds
6.	Boys from Biloxi (Grisham) - 58 holds
7.	The Maze (DeMille) - 55 holds
8.	Long Shadows (Baldacci) - 50 holds
9.	Going Rogue (Evanovich) - 49 holds
10.	Desperation in Death (Robb) - 49 holds

Graphic Novels

1.	Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands (Beaton) - 4 holds on 2 items
2.	The Sandman Book 1 (Gaiman) - 3 holds on 1 item 
3.	Adventure Time Comics vol. 2 - 2 holds on 1 item
4.	The Absolute Sandman Volume 1 (Gaiman) - 2 holds on 1 item
5.	My little Pong: Generation (Gilly) - 2 holds on 1 item


1.	Hatchet Island (Doiron) - 14 holds on 1 item
2.	The World Played Chess (Dugoni) - 2 holds on 1 item
3.	Murder at the Brightewell (Weaver) - 2 holds on 1 item
4.	Mother Night (Estes) - 2 holds on 1 item
5.	I'm Glad My Mom Dies (McCurdy) - 2 holds on 1 item
6.	Helbent (Hurwitz) - 2 holds on 1 item
7.	French The Complete Course II - 2 holds on 1 item


1.	Mid-Century - 5 holds on 1 item
2.	Mr. Malcolm's List - 3 holds on 1 item
3.	Factory Girl - 3 holds on 1 item
4.	Scooby-Doo 3-movie collection - 2 holds on 1 item
5.	The Noel Corward Collection - 2 holds on 1 item
6.	Murder at Yellowstone City - 2 holds on 1 item
7.	Illumination 3-movie collection - 2 holds on 1 item
8.	Hot Seat - 2 holds on 1 item
9.	Help! - 2 holds on 1 item
10.	Christ Stopped at Eboli - 2 holds on 1 item

Blu-ray + Blu-ray/DVD combo packs

1.	Downton Abbey: A New Era (combo) - 13 holds on 3 items
2.	Jurassic World: Dominion - 10 holds on 3 items
3.	The Lost City - 7 holds on 3 items
4.	The Northman (Combo) - 6 holds on 3 items
5.	Uncharted (Combo) - 4 holds on 1 item
6.	Drive My Car - 3 holds on 1 item
7.	McCabe and Mrs Miller - 2 holds on 1 item
8.	Father Stu - 2 holds on 1 item
9.	My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission (Combo) - 2 holds on 1 item

TV Series

1.	1883 Season One - 9 holds on 4 items
2.	City on a Hill: Season 2 - 4 holds on 2 items
3.	Blue Bloods Season 12 - 3 holds on 1 item
4.	Law and Order Season 2 - 2 holds on 1 item
5.	Inspector Morse: The Complete Case Files - 2 holds on 1 item
6.	Firebite Season 1 - 2 holds on 1 item

Video Games

1.	Kirby and the Forgotten Land - 14 holds on 6 items
2.	Nintendo Switch: Sports - 5 holds on 2 items
3.	Nintendo Switch: Sports (includes leg strap) - 4 holds on 2 items
4.	Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - 2 holds on 1 item
5.	The Quarry - 2 holds on 1 item

BLAST FROM THE PAST - The High Demand Summary published September 9, 2015


1.	The Nature of the Beast (Penney) - 306 holds on 62 copies
2.	Make Me (Child) - 218 holds on 34 copies
3.	X (Grafton) - 205 holds on 55 copies
4.	The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Kindo) - 123 holds on 55
5.	The Girl in the Spider's Web (Lagercrantz) - 115 holds on 25 copies
6.	Rogue Lawyer (Grisham) - 101 holds on 11 copies
7.	The Little Paris Bookshop (George) - 98 holds on 43 copies
8.	Alert (Patterson) - 95 holds on 46 copies
9.	Purity (Franzen) - 60 holds on 24 copies
10.	Devoted in Death (Robb) - 53 holds on 9 copies



1.	Woman in Gold - 110 holds on 37 copies
2.	The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - 88 holds on 37 items
3.	Homeland: Season 4 - 65 holds on 7 items
4.	The Age of Adaline - 45 holds on 5 items
5.	Aloha - 42 holds on 7 items
6.	The Walking Dead: Season 5 - 38 holds on 7 items
7.	Ray Donovan: Season 2 - 30 holds on 3 items
8.	Hot Pursuit - 27 holds on 7 items
9.	Mad Max: Fury Road - 26 holds on 1 item
10.	Get Hard - 24 holds on 10 items

Music CDs

1.	Now That's What I Call Music Volume 55 (various) - 8 holds on 3
2.	Coda (Led Zeppelin) - 5 holds on 1 item
3.	In Through the Out Door (Led Zeppelin) - 4 holds on 1 copy
4.	Presence (Led Zeppelin) - 3 holds on 1 copy
5.	Blurryface (Twenty One Pilots) - 2 holds on 1 copy