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"Joshua Tiffany, MLIS" <[log in to unmask]>
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Fri, 3 Jun 2022 12:38:51 -0400
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Greetings, salutations, and welcome back to another edge of the seat,
expecting the unexpected, Hades or bust edition of the High Demand Hold
Digest - your source for identifying items guaranteed to circulate at the
time of purchase.


Apologies for the slightly truncated list.  For the first time in memory, no
single item (save for the pre-pub record for the new Paul Doiron book) had
more than 100 holds.  So instead of the normal twenty top requested items,
it shrunk down to ten.  Also, due to the lack of overall materials on the
list, "Miscellaneous A/V" is the category that covers Blu-rays, 4Ks, combo
packs, and music CDs. It saved me some time and guaranteed that I would get
this month's list out the door.  


While I was typing the list up, an old familiar fear encroached in my
normally abnormal brain.  People are requesting fewer items, my slowly
panicking brain whispered to me.  People aren't using libraries as much as
they used to, that wordless voice continued.  Our society has become too
fragmented for any kind of common popular culture to be enjoyed by the
masses.  People don't read anymore.  People don't even watch full movies
anymore.  Our offerings cannot compete with the dizzying array of constantly
streaming entertainment and terror, and, as people have been telling me for
twenty years, no one uses the public library any longer save for pre-school
children and homeless people looking to "entertain" themselves while on
public computers (side note: Jimmy Kimmel made that joke over a decade ago
and I still cannot forgive him).


But, as I have been attempting to do when those voices of fear, doubt, hate,
greed, and wrath flood my senses, I blinked twice, took three long breaths,
and considered if there were other readings of the data.  And of course, as
in most situations, there were several other interpretations of information
that were not fed by the belief that all is doomed.


The first was a wee bit self-congratulatory,  but what if the idea of high
demand purchasing and paying closer attention to the needs and wants of the
user, instead of investing only in the idea of what "appropriate" or
"traditional" materials belong in a library, is gaining systemic traction?
What if more libraries are automatically finding and pursing those items
that used to fall through the cracks?  What if individual libraries are
purchasing more copies of requested books to meet their own local user
needs?  What if, through the collective efforts to promote purchasing
requested items, fewer and fewer items will be considered "high demand"?
What if we buy to meet the demand before the demand is ever evidenced in our
system?  That too would make the list shrink.


So hurray to that.


And secondly, I ran a quick list in Sierra and saw that, at this very
moment, there are currently 10,892 items in transit between libraries,
either being sent out to fulfill requests or being returned home.  I
remembered my fundamental faith that those are ten thousand wishes, hopes,
dreams, needs, and desires that were fulfilled by a library.  And among
those ten thousand items, how many helped a river of tears become a trickle
of a stream, how many helped someone endure a brutal night until the
salvation of dawn, how many put a smile on a face that had frozen in a
frown, how many gave information and instruction necessary to complete a
project or step in life, how many gave wisdom and insight that helped
information become knowledge, or knowledge to become wisdom?  And even if
this type of impact happened only a handful of times, isn't that enough?


With those thoughts in hand, I carry on.  Pa'lante, as the amazing song by
Hurry for the Riff Raff instructs us all.  


But back to the basics.  Below is a list of the most requested items in the
Minerva consortium of public, school, academic, and special libraries where
there are at least twice as many holds as there are copies.  It is
(generally) distributed monthly via various Maine library list-servs.  If
you happen to be handed the list or find it pinned to tree in the middle of
a desolate field and wish for more without subscribing to the list-servs,
please send me an email to be added to a direct distribution list.  Please
note that all creative spellings, mistaking pre-publication records for
existing items, and occasional outright lies and falsehoods are all my own
doing, and no harm is intended.


Until we meet again, keep the faith, keep turning towards the light, keep
remembering that all of us are made up the same matter that was present at
the dawn of the universe, and keep the faith that the enterprise is worthy.


And if the demons, doubts, fears, and phobias of this world get to be too
much, keep the kind words of Mr. Tolkien in mind - "So comes snow after
fire, and even dragons have their endings."


Be well,





Fiction Books

1.	Lessons in Chemistry (Garmus) - 93 holds on 32 items
2.	Sparring Partners (Grisham) - 79 holds on 23 items
3.	This Time Tomorrow (Straub) - 72 holds on 32 items
4.	Book Lovers (Henry) - 62 holds on 28 items
5.	Book Lovers (Henry) - 57 holds on 11 items (note: edition includes
reader's guide, discussion questions, and Nora and Libby's Ultimate Reading
6.	Two Nights in Lisbon (Pavone) - 44 holds on 13 items
7.	The Latecomer (Korelitz) - 43 holds on 7 items
8.	Verity (Hoover) - 37 holds on 16 items
9.	Trust (Diaz) - 36 holds on 18 items
10.	Meant to Be (Giffin) - 29 holds on 10 items

Non-fiction books

1.	The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor - The Truth and
Turmoil (Brown) - 43 holds on 15 items
2.	The Whole Body Reset: Your Weight-Loss Plan for a Flat Belly,
Optimum Health, and a Body You'll Love - at Midlife and Beyond (Perrine) -
39 holds on 9 items
3.	Trailer: One Woman's Quest to Solve the Shenandoah Murders (Miles) -
35 holds on 14 items
4.	Freezing Order: A True Story of Money Laundering, Murder, and
Surviving Vladimir Putin's Wrath (Browder) - 31 holds on 15 items
5.	This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle Cry for America's
Future (Martin & Burns) - 29 holds on 14 items
6.	Out of the Corner: A Memoir (Grey) - 23 holds on 7 items
7.	River of the Gods: Genius, Courage, and Betrayal in the Search for
the Source of the Nile (Millard) - 21 holds on 9 items
8.	I'll Show Myself out: Essays on Midlife & Motherhood (Klein) - 20
holds on 5 items
9.	The Northeast Native Plant Primer: 235 Plants for an Earth-Friendly
Garden (Lorimer) - 19 holds on 3 items
10.	Happy-Go-Luck (Sedaris) - 16 holds on 7 items

Large Print

1.	22 Seconds (Patterson) - 36 holds on 17 items
2.	The Investigator (Sandford) - 17 holds on 3 items
3.	Lessons in Chemistry (Garmus) - 15 holds on 2 items
4.	This Time Tomorrow (Straub) - 11 holds on 3 items
5.	The Sacred Bridge (Hillerman) - 9 holds on 4 items
6.	In Love: A Memoir of Love and Loss (Bloom) - 9 holds on 4 items
7.	The Love of My Life (Walsh) - 8 holds on 4 items
8.	The Cartographers (Shepherd) - 7 holds on 2 items
9.	Take Your Breath Away (Barclay) - 6 holds on 3 items
10.	Remarkably Bright Creatures (Van Pelt) - 6 holds on 3 items



1.	Hatchet Island (Doiron) - 189 holds
2.	The Hotel Nantucket (Hilderbrand) - 85 holds
3.	The Locked Room (Griffiths) - 59 holds
4.	Portrait of an unknown woman (Silva) - 48 holds
5.	The 6:20 Man (Baldacci) - 48 holds
6.	The IT Girl (Ware) - 47 holds
7.	The Maze (DeMille) - 41 holds
8.	Shattered (Patterson) - 32 holds
9.	Sparring Partners (Grisham) (Large Print) - 32 holds
10.	Listen to Me (Gerritsen) - 32 holds

Graphic Novels

1.	Fruits Basket 5 - 3 holds on 1 item
2.	The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys: National Anthem - 2 holds
on 1 item
3.	The Third Person - 2 holds on 1 item
4.	Rivers of London: Monday, Monday - 2 holds on 1 item
5.	Nose Mythology vol. 2 - 2 holds on 1 item
6.	Fruits Basket 6 - 2 holds on 1 item
7.	Death Note: Short Stories - 2 holds on 1 item
8.	Avatar The Last Airbender: The Lost Adventures - 2 holds on 1 item
9.	Amulet Book 4: The Last Council - 2 holds on 1 item
10.	Adventure Time Comics vol 2 - 2 holds on 1 item


1.	Remarkably Bright Creatures (Van Pelt) - 6 holds on 1 item
2.	Happy-Go-Lucky (Sedaris) - 6 holds on 1 item
3.	Finding Me (Davis) - 5 holds on 2 items
4.	Hatchet Island (Doiron) - 4 holds on 1 item
5.	Downtown Shabby: One American's Ultimate DIY Adventure Restoring His
Family's English Castle(DePree) - 3 holds on 1 item
6.	Summer on the Island (Novak) - 2 holds on 1 item

Misc A/V

1.	Belfast (Blu-ray) - 21 holds on 4 items
2.	Death on the Nile (2021) (Blu-ray) - 4 holds on 1 item
3.	Marry Me (Blu-ray) - 2 holds on 1 item
4.	The Humans (Blu-ray) - 2 holds on 1 item
5.	Ghostbusters: Afterlife (4K) - 2 holds on 1 item
6.	Uncharted (Blu-ray + DVD combo) - 2 holds on 1 item
7.	Dr. Demento's 20th Anniversary Collection (Music CD) - 2 holds on 1
8.	A Class Kids Christmas (Music CD) - 2 holds on 1 item


1.	Licorice Pizza - 41 holds on 18 items
2.	Coda - 23 holds on 2 items
3.	The Outfit - 17 holds on 6 items
4.	Family Squares - 5 holds on 1 item
5.	Journey of my Heart - 3 holds on 1 item
6.	The Exorcism of God - 3 holds on 1 item
7.	Warhunt - 2 holds on 1 item
8.	Top Gun - 2 holds on 1 item
9.	Together - 2 holds on 1 item
10.	Studio 666 - 2 holds on 1 item 

TV Series

1.	Hinterland: Complete Collection - 6 holds on 1 item
2.	Yellowstone: Season 4 (Blu-ray) - 6 holds on 1 item
3.	Under the Vine: Season 1 - 5 holds on 1 item
4.	Grace and Frankie: Season 4 - 5 holds on 2 items
5.	Queens of Mystery: Season 2  - 4 holds on 2 items
6.	NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 - 2 holds on 1 item.
7.	Martha's Vineyard Mysteries: Collection One - 2 holds on 1 item
8.	Law and Order: Year 2 - 2 holds on 1 item
9.	Inspector Morse: The Complete Case Files - 2 holds on 1 item
10.	Diagnosis Murder: Season 1 - 2 holds on 1 item

Video Games

1.	Kirby and the Forgotten Land - 16 holds on 5 items
2.	Nintendo Switch: Sports - 5 holds on 1 item
3.	Pikmin 3 Deluxe - 4 holds on 1 item
4.	Little Nightmares II - 2 holds on 1 item
5.	The Legend of Zeda: The Wind Waker - 2 holds on 1 item