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Tom White <[log in to unmask]>
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- Ezra Pound discussion list of the University of Maine <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 3 Oct 2008 23:29:29 -0500
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Re Wayne Pound's recent post (as below):

I had emailed Carlo Parcelli of Alphabooks the message below, which I  
guess is one of the two he mentions as having received. Perhaps I  
should have sent my reply to him via the Pound List as I am sending  
this one both to the list and a cc to you personally. I am  not an  
academic and in fact am almost beyond much writing, but I am quietly  
enraged by the present gargantuan rip-off just arranged by our dear  
banker friends. Pound was RIGHT, because he had studied the record and  
"took by" Aristotle, a Father of Western culture, who said what was  
indubitably true: money is a function of law and need have no value of  
itself. We have just watched that proved by the US government which  
has supplied a trillion or so of (abstract, legal) credit to bail out  
the banks. The word has gone out from the Masters of Discourse, that  
"bailout" is the wrong word; rescue is the one to use henceforth, and  
it should I guess be connected with Main Street, in the sense of  
"rescue of Main Street": to make it all seem cozy as all get out and  
right down the Joe Six-Pack alley. What revolting stuff. Pound was not  
an anti-semite; he was a man who was angered by the theft of the  
people's wealth through the taking of compound interest by bankers  
under the leadership of the Rothschilds via he whole govt. debt  
racket. That's just history—all on the record. I'll send this off and  
see how it bounces. Tom White

Dear Carlo:

Delighted to read your post to the Pound List. I'll do my best to get  
something off to you in a reasonable time. I had my life changed by  
reading Pound in the 50s. (I am horribly old.) First time I had ever  
read anything that explained my father's business tragedy in the  
Depression. Long story since. Terrell, now deceased,  was IMHO a great  
man, and he was willing to talk about Pound's economics and there have  
been others, of course, but a prevailing attitude of the Paideuma  
crowd (as I think of them) seems to be that they are mostly scared off  
the economics because they accept the hideous assessment of Pound as  
an anti-semite. Which, again IMHO, is simply wrong. The AIPAC crowd  
are on the road I think to being railroaded out of town (God please  
see that it happens). Anyway, my first thought is to do a little piece  
on Terrell and Pound's economics based on one of T's books. I am much  
better at what I call feuilletons than at longer, more formal pieces  
(I think). I have some things posted at this site:
http://www.lewrockwell.com/white/white-arch.html (a site which I have  
since quit because of becoming disillusioned with their libertarian  
anti-government, pro-free-market stance). Very best,

Tom White
2205 Madera St.
Odessa, TX 79763		432-582-0272

On Oct 3, 2008, at 5:59 PM, Wayne Pounds wrote:

> Alphaville Books' challenge to the EP list to bring our man to the  
> fore of the
> current financial fray didn't produce any results that I can see--in  
> spite of the
> appeal to our vanity ("I know you've thought about it"). Why is that  
> (besides the
> fact that we have have other potatoes to roast)? Does everyone know  
> something
> I don't know?
> I was hoping that the hour for Giano Accame's <Ezra Pound  
> Economista> had
> come. I'd better start that idea as a new thread if no one's reading  
> this one.
> Wayne Pounds
> Tokyo
> ---- Original message ----
>> Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 12:55:27 -0400
>> From: Alphaville Books <[log in to unmask]>
>> Subject: With usura hath no man a house of good stone & the Home  
>> Mortgage
> Crisis
>> To: [log in to unmask]
>> Usury age old and age thick/
>> Mr. Paulson, tear down this Wall Street
>> Pound is one of the few poets in recorded history whose poetry has  
>> any
>> bearing on the current ‘crises’ precipitated by Wall Street greed and
>> avarice. What would Pound think of the current ‘Bail Out’ of Wall  
>> Street
>> or, in general the world of debt we now float on?
>> What do the current debt crises have to tell us about ‘usury age  
>> old and
>> age thick.’? I know you’ve thought about it.
>> Pound is no longer here to instruct us on the negative consequences  
>> of
>> the latest debt instruments, so it’s up to those who have studied his
>> writings to take the opportunity and re-articulate his position in  
>> light
>> of current events---to re-articulate both the nature of usury as  
>> Pound
>> intended its expression but also the nature of evil.
>> FlashPoint Magazine http://www.flashpointmag.com/ would like to  
>> extend
>> the opportunity to the Pound community to submit pieces on Pound  
>> and the
>> Current Debt Crises. C’mon and pitch in. How many times at parties  
>> were
>> you forced to defend Pound from charges that his economics was ‘just
>> wacky.’ But whose economics is wackier---Pound’s or the Street? Now  
>> really.
>> Its a new version of the old Nazi bugaboo, where Pound who actually
>> killed no one is pilloried by the very people that brought hundreds  
>> of
>> Nazi murderers into the US after the war and made at least one head  
>> of
>> NASA, who trilled "I aim for the stars and sometimes I hit London"  
>> and
>> his Peenemunde pal, Dornberger.
>> We plan a new issue of FP sometime next spring just about the time  
>> the
>> next wave of white collar felonious behavior is due to be  
>> ‘uncovered’ by
>> are ‘free and unfettered press.’
>> Actually, the plan for this issue is to focus on Finnegans Wake and  
>> we
>> already have a number of pieces committed. So if you’d like to  
>> submit a
>> piece on Pound and the Wake, we can include it in that issue. If we  
>> get
>> few pieces on Pound and the Street, we’ll addend them to the Wake  
>> issue.
>> However, if the request for pieces on Pound and Wall Street results  
>> in a
>> 'wealth' of submissions we will immediately do a more timely Special
>> Issue focusing on the usurious s/henanigans/ of our wacky, Wall  
>> Street
>> brethren.
>> FP currently has over 800,000 thousand title page hits and literally
>> tens of millions of page hits. These numbers may mean little to
>> taxpayers facing a $1,000,000,000,000,000 bailout which the bankers  
>> and
>> the Street will promptly turn around and steal, but you will be  
>> read at FP.
>> If you’re interested contact me, Carlo Parcelli at
>> [log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>.  
>> Pieces
>> can be of any length and any energy level.