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Richard Parker <[log in to unmask]>
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- Ezra Pound discussion list of the University of Maine <[log in to unmask]>
Mon, 17 Nov 2014 13:28:27 +0000
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This looks great - it's amazing to have one of these projects on The Cantos actually coming to fruition - I look forward to it growing and growing!

I think the Bunting quote on the front page is 
"You will have to go a long round way if you want to avoid them."
"You will have to go a long way if you want to avoid them."


> Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2014 22:47:03 +0000
> From: [log in to unmask]
> Subject: Timing the thunder
> To: [log in to unmask]
> Dear Poundians,
> I am very happy to announce that on Ezra's birthday this year, The  
> Cantos Project is officially launched. The platform now is fully  
> operational and awaits our scholarly input.
> Please have a look at http://www.thecantosproject.org.
> A few words about it:
> TCP is a website that aims to fulfil a dream that scholars have had  
> since 1986: to have a second edition of Terrell's Companion - at best  
> in electronic form so errors can be corrected and information added on  
> a continuous basis without overwhelming the poem or the student.  
> Though attempts have been made along the years (we all still remember  
> Kybernekia) technology was not coping with our needs, nor were we  
> coping with what technology demanded.
> My position is that we are now ready. We can do it with the platform I  
> am proposing. (Which I dearly hope you will like).
> When I presented the project at the EPIC conference in Dublin last  
> year, Alec Marsh, the society's former president, generously offered  
> me the sponsorship I needed for it. In his vision, the Cantos Project  
> was to be located at the heart of the scholarly activity of the  
> society; it could be THE way for us to work together so as to bring  
> the annotation of The Cantos up to speed.
> There are almost 30 years of scholarship not included in Terrell's Companion.
> New Directions allows us to present six cantos on the website at any  
> one time. This is why TCP cannot be a digital edition of the poem,  
> however much we may regret this fact. (As an aside, Robert Spoo  
> remarked that we can apply Pound's economics to TCP: if your money is  
> scarce you can increase the velocity of circulation. Six cantos can  
> seem a lot, when the rhythm of publishing and hiding them is quick. I  
> found this a wonderful idea. Once the Cantos are annotated they can be  
> hidden and republished as often and as fast as we need.)
> TCP can be our building site. We can make it our scholars' resource,  
> our aid in research and teaching. Even at square one, as you will see  
> when you look at it, the bibliographies are in place throughout the  
> poem, at homepage and cycle page levels. A student, say, who wants to  
> see relevant books or articles about a section of The Cantos or even  
> individual poems can use TCP even now. The book bibliography is  
> complete, as far as I know. The journal articles biblio is very  
> comprehensive and will continuously be updated. What I still have to  
> put in are chapters and book sections - but I will do that in the next  
> six months. What we want is to make TCP our ultimate reference, the  
> place to go. The scholarly apparatus is OURS and remains so.
> What we can do: we can initiate a work stream whereby six cantos are  
> "live" at any given time. This means they will be online and the  
> annotation will be under construction. You don't need to be a  
> technological wizard to contribute: if working conventionally is  
> easier, that is possible - just drop me an email to discuss what suits  
> you best. When annotation is finished, the glosses will be transferred  
> to an online illustrated Companion, which will be a downloadable pdf,  
> one for every canto. Then the cantos will be "unpublished" to make  
> space for the next ones. This means that they are not deleted and the  
> annotation is not taken away from them. They are just hidden from view.
> I have uploaded six cantos on the site, from Ur-Canto I to Canto III.  
> Canto I is minimally annotated so you can see an example. In order to  
> preserve the integrity of the text and not spoil the magic, the  
> annotation is hidden. By hovering with your mouse over an underlined  
> word, you will bring up an electronic card with the gloss. Move the  
> mouse away and the card disappears.
> The system offers us the possibility of having longer glosses as well,  
> which we can add by the "create article" function.
> See the guidelines for contributors on the site.
> Terrell's Companion bears his name on the cover yet The Companion  
> would not have been possible without his friends and collaborators.  
> Hugh Kenner, Eva Hesse, Robert Gordon, to mention just the best-known  
> names, contributed massively to all aspects of its creation. Terrell  
> also used the accumulated knowledge stored in Paideuma. But he had  
> seven years of Paideuma behind him when he started. We now have forty  
> years.
> It is time we begin.
> Happy birthday Ezra.
> -- 
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