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Mon, 12 May 2014 00:47:49 +0000
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After your last email, I went back into Ken Arnold's website and on the Home page it stated that Ken Arnold passed away on January 24, 2014.  I hadn't spoken to him since 1978 when we were preparing his play for full production.  I wasn't aware of his website until I searched for it today.   I haven't been involved in theatre since I left Washington, DC at the end of 1979.  I've been too busy earning a living and now fully involved in politics trying to save this country from disappearing into the graveyard of history. 

--Bob Bowen   

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From: "Roxana Preda" <[log in to unmask]> 
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Sent: Sunday, May 11, 2014 5:59:18 PM 
Subject: Re: Ezra Pound Society website and little magazine 

Hi Wayne, 
In the footer of the website on the right side you'll see a menu   
called Outreach and underneath, a link to something called "creative   
This is the place. It's empty now, but we can put in a bibliography of   
literary work based on EP's life, or a video clip, or anything useful   
we might find. 

Quoting Wayne Pounds <[log in to unmask]> on Mon, 12 May 2014   
08:36:21 +0900: 

> Roxanna, you say you've made a place on the website for   
> contributions of the sort that Bob Bowen mentions, but where exactly   
> is it? What is the button called? 
> Many thanks-- 
> Wayne 
> On May 12, 2014, at 8:29 AM, Roxana Preda wrote: 
> Hi Bob, 
> "Ezra in Bedlam?" Oh, I'm all ears! 
> You know, I would like to collect these things, plays, fiction and   
> poems about EP, I mean we should know about those efforts and   
> archive them. They are attuned to the times and give us a measure of   
> how Pound was read and interpreted over the years. 
> Thank you so much for mentioning this play, I'll look it up. If you   
> come across further such titles, please let me know. I have made a   
> place on the website especially for them. Some must make us cringe,   
> but some might be good, who knows? It's a whole field of   
> investigation I am very curious about. 
> Thank you for registering as a member, I plan to keep things moving! 
> With all my best, 
> Roxana 
> Quoting [log in to unmask] on Sun, 11 May 2014 21:57:49 +0000: 
>> Roxana: 
>> Thank you so much for "Make It New."  The first time I read those   
>> words from EP I felt like he pushed the right button merging my   
>> heart with my brain as one in all that I do.  Since that moment I   
>> have tried to always work them together.  Using the brain without   
>> the heart begets evil, the heart without the brain renders foolish   
>> outcomes.  Too bad that youth is wasted on the young as we spend   
>> most of it learning how to die at peace with the world. 
>> I just subscribed to "Make It New" and look forward to many hours   
>> experiencing the work of Ezra Pound.  I was the Literary Manager at   
>> the New Playwrights' Theatre of Washington in the 1970s when we   
>> produced a new play "Ezra In Bedlam" by Ken Arnold of Philadelphia.   
>>  That was the inspiration for me to open my mind to the real work   
>> of Ezra Pound rather than the mainstream media bashing published   
>> during my youth. 
>> --Robert M. "Bob" Bowen 
>>   Chairman, Constitution Party of New Mexico 
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>> From: "Roxana Preda" <[log in to unmask]> 
>> To: [log in to unmask] 
>> Sent: Sunday, May 11, 2014 1:32:59 PM 
>> Subject: Ezra Pound Society website and little magazine 
>> Ezra Pound Society Bulletin no. 5, May 11, 2014 
>> Dear friends, 
>> Since I took over the running of this society of ours last year, I 
>> have been talking to you about the desirability of a website and a 
>> newsletter for our society. 
>> At some point I realized that the best thing would be to launch them 
>> together. They are ready now and the time has come to show you what I 
>> have been working on for the past few months. 
>> I must confess that I?ve been rather ambitious for our society ? other 
>> literary organisations have websites, but none, so far as I know, is 
>> interactive, like ours. 
>> All the other societies have newsletters, but none so far as I know, 
>> is multimedia. In fact, the quality of contributions I received for 
>> the first issue have prompted me to change its status to ?little 
>> magazine?. If you care to register on the site to read the little mag, 
>> I think you will agree with me. It is called Make It New. 
>> The magazine, as well as my proposals for society projects are closed 
>> to the wider public and open just to members. You will see that the 
>> table of contents of the little mag is open access. But in order to 
>> actually read it, you?ll have to register. 
>> At this point this website is our society home. It is a house with a 
>> lot of empty rooms waiting for your contributions and improvements. I 
>> have provided just the minimum content, or a few placeholders. Ideally 
>> it should become a place where we are comfortable to return ? to adorn 
>> and enrich it as every loving homeowner does. 
>> The society is now initiating another way of gaining and cultivating 
>> membership. In the past, members were the subscribers to Paideuma, a 
>> model common to other literary societies as well. 
>> While we would certainly urge Pound scholars to maintain their 
>> subscriptions to the journal, I think that another model, with a 
>> low-cost subscription would be an incentive for more people to become 
>> members. The society financial goals are as ever, to have a money 
>> foundation for the awards. Then, if there is anything left, the 
>> society could initiate and carry out a number of projects, which are 
>> described on the website. It could also ideally offer some help to 
>> deserving postgraduate students (a modest subvention of conference 
>> travel costs comes to mind in that respect). 
>> Finally 
>> Like anything that is new, the website might not always perform 
>> smoothly or be the same for everyone in every circumstance. We are now 
>> testing, experimenting. You have to make allowances for my new role as 
>> web designer/ administrator. If you have problems or suggestions, 
>> don?t shoot, just drop me an email or simply offer your help, it will 
>> be welcome. 
>> As to the magazine ? when you see the pilot issue, you will have a 
>> better idea of what it can do for us. Justin Kishbaugh will run it as 
>> a managing editor and Barry Ahearn and I will be in the wings to look 
>> kindly over his shoulder. We plan to do more reviewing, especially the 
>> publications of the last two years. If you?d rather start smaller and 
>> provide a chapter or article summary, this is welcome too. Just get in 
>> touch. 
>> This is a cordial invitation to you all to become members of a changed 
>> Ezra Pound Society ? with new presence and visibility, improved means 
>> of communication, and a unique chance for us to work together. 
>> Just go to http://www.ezrapoundsociety.org 
>> With all my best, 
>> Roxana 
>> -- 
>> The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in 
>> Scotland, with registration number SC005336. 
> -- 
> The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in 
> Scotland, with registration number SC005336. 

The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in 
Scotland, with registration number SC005336.